To Save an Empire - a Novel of Ottoman History


In 1877, when Russia attacks the Ottoman Empire, Sultan Abdülhamit II must fight a devastating war to preserve his ethnically diverse territories that stretch across three continents. At home, he feels threatened from within by Mithat Pasha, a respected reformer, who has popular support for a constitution that would curb the sultan’s authority and give the people a voice in their government. Aware of these challenges, Abdülhamit’s Belgian wife, Flora Cordier, hopes to remain his confidante and helpmate as he decides how to govern: the iron-fisted rule of his ancestors, the democracy proposed by Mithat, or the diplomacy that exposes his weakened military power. No matter his choice, he is responsible for the suffering of his people.

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"With the Balkans and ethnic tensions once again back in international headlines, alongside the reliable newsmakers that are Russia and Turkey and their influence in the contemporary Middle East, there’s hardly a more appropriate time to brush up on the events and actors responsible for shaping the region as we know it. In his newly released novel, To Save an Empire, Allan R. Gall does just that. Gall narrates an impressively researched tale of the waning Ottoman Empire set in the late 19th century. Following the fateful tale of the last truly ensconced Ottoman sultan, Abdülhamit II, the novel weaves through stories of palace intrigue, great power struggles and romance. As the reformist Ottoman statesman, Mithat Pasha, sets his eyes on remaking the empire into something more in the image of a European parliament and re-orienting the loyalties of the ruled, Sultan Abdülhamit sees in him an existential threat to his authority. All the while, Abdülhamit’s domain threatens to sink in a sea of external challenges. Already crippled by debt, the Russian Empire and European powers are at the ready to encroach upon territories of the teetering “sick man of Europe.” The eventual outbreak of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78 results in an influx of thousands upon thousands of Muslim refugees into Ottoman lands.

The dramatized narrative provides a window also into the marriage of Sultan Abdülhamit to his Belgian wife, Flora. Of Christian heritage, her story is intertwined with that of the many war-displaced Muslims whom she commits to assisting, while at the same time providing a glimpse into the complex interplay of various religious and ethnic groupings in late Ottoman Anatolia.

A story of struggle, love, jealousy, fear and loss, Gall’s grasp of the era’s zeitgeist combined with his masterful narrative style makes for a historical retelling as enlightening as it is enthralling."

- Amin Gharad

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"[Gall]... artfully brings to life the political intrigues of an empire sliding into irrelevance.  The Ottoman Empire emerges as a kind of protagonist all its own, eager to become strengthened by its embrace of modernity and the West, but also anxious about surrendering its cultural and religious identity.  A subplot that follows Adulhamit's wife, Flora, a Belgian-born Christian who... converts to the Muslim faith... poignantly illustrates the complexity of the empire's religious fissures.  A magnificently researched tale of a troubled empire that's also dramatically captivating." - Kirkus reviews

"Fiction as only history can tell it, all the more moving because we know it's not fiction.  A war, international intrigue among empires, and the personal tragedies and triumphs of the mighty and the meek.  Some readers will be reminded of the history they know, as I was, and others will find a world they never knew.  Both will find a compelling story." - Bulent Atalay, physicist and author of Math and the Mona Lisa and Leonardo's Universe

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About Allan R. Gall

Allan R. Gall lived in Turkey for eight years as a Peace Corps English teacher, as a grants administrator for the Ford Foundation, and as a Fulbright-Hays research fellow. He has a Ph.D. in Near East Studies from the University of Michigan, and his dissertation examined the themes of Aziz Nesin’s prodigious literary output. He translated Aziz Nesin’s play, Çiçu, for Ibrahim the Mad and Other Plays, An Anthology of Modern Turkish Drama, edited by Talat S. Halman and Jayne L. Warner (Syracuse University Press, 2008).

He authored Of Mouse and Magic (Two Harbors Press, 2011), a growing up novel for 7-12 year-old readers. “This book is not only great for children but for parents and grandparents also. Recommended for your child’s home library,” “This book is definitely one I will be sharing with others,” Cyrus Webb, Host of Conversations Live. “Very well written and a good story,” Cary Frostic, Librarian, Falls Church, Virginia. Listed among the 2011 Top Books Designed for Our Youth on

Allan grew up on a farm in South Dakota, taught high school English, and lived in The Yemen Arab Republic for three years as Director of the Peace Corps. He has been Director of Evaluation and Director of Operations for the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement, the refugee policy expert on the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform, and the Deputy Inspector General and the Inspector General for the Peace Corps. He dabbles in carpentry, cooking, and yard work; plays tennis and spends time with his grandsons. He enjoys historical novels, Doc Martin, plays, and performances by the National Symphony Orchestra. 

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